Synced photos aren't auto-adding to Google Photo albums

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Kind of a quirky issue, but I use Sync to move photos from my newer Pixels to an original Pixel, which still has unlimited full quality backups. Backup is off on my now Pixel 7 Pro, I use Sync to send them to the Pixel and they move over without issue. From the images on the Pixel back up to Google Photos without issue, and faces I've taught it are tagged properly. However, since I started doing this the tagged photos are no longer added to albums I have set auto-add.  I have an album with all of my daughter's pictures, which is shared with grandparents, as well as a Friends and Family album that shows on my Google Home displays. Since I started using Sync about a year and a half ago the photos have stopped adding to albums.

I've set up new test albums, both from my original Pixel and new ones, and the issue persists.  If I send an image via Google Photos to someone on my new Pixel it seems to automatically upload the picture, and those images then get added to the albums. Similarly, if someone shares an image with me via Photos and I save them to my library they appear to get auto-uploaded and again add to the album just fine. I was originally using a Pixel 5 when I started using Sync, then moved to the 6 Pro and now the 7 Pro and the issue has persisted.

I realize this is may be a Photos issue, but I can't find anyone else having the same issue so I figured I would start here and see if anyone has experienced this, or if someone knows something about the Sync program that could be causing Photos to treat these pictures differently. Thanks for any help!

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