How to get Android logs?


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I'm trying to troubleshoot a bunch of problems on Resilio Sync Android (2.6.5), and while there's an option to enable log, there's none to download/save it.

Instructions to manually get logs explains how to enable it but not how to get it.

From logcat, it seems it's in /data/user/0/com.resilio.sync/files/.sync/. But of course Android is designed to make life miserable so you can't get there without root. There's an option to change storage path in Sync, but on Android it's unavailable.

So how can we get logs?

If the answer is "well, uhm", then please add a way, is that so hard? Or/and add the option of changing storage_path. Sync is not very stable lately, it "Can't download files" randomly, shows empty list of what it can't download (on Android there's not even a list), leaves tons of [MD5MD5MD5].!sync files everywhere, then it turns out it failed to sync a bunch of files out of blue. And yesterday I discovered that it for some reason *removed* an important file that I needed to have with me at all times, and that I had checked to be selectively synced and working just a week ago, and could not download it again while downloading all the other files in the folder, and I was basically as screwed as it gets. Please at least give us the instruments.

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