New rslsync instance(backup computer) fails to sync my files.


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This screenshot is taken >2 days after installing this rslsync.

as you can see - it failed to download 2748 files .. with two synced peers - one of then on the same LAN.

a week later - and the issue resolved itself ..except of one file 




The last file error is totally meaningless to me.. can't download one file ...and just a "."


What is going on, why is it not more reliable?

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If there's just 1 file that refuses to sync, it could be the new rslsync instance somehow (mistakenly) thinks the file has a newer version somewhere from some offline peer.

If you are sure the file on the other peers is indeed the latest version, go to one of these peers, try update the timestamp of that file (unix command: touch, windows, or modify that file so its timestamp updated, to trick the new rslsync instance to believe a newer version is available from current online peers.

I successfully fixed this kind of 1-file stuck issue before.

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@eltopo you are right, but what confuses me is this: let's say rslsync instances on computer A and B had teh prog directory synced and in use for years.

I just added computer C for backup, it had not the prog directory, rslsync added the directory - and started out by messing up the syncing to itself, while computer A and B were perfectly synced and happy.  - strange. (on LAN)

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