Ignoring Specific Folders at a Certain Depth in Sync Structure

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I would like to set up a sync folder structure in which I can exclude folders named "Library" that are specifically two levels down from the root folder. Although "Library" is a common folder name that may appear at various levels in the hierarchy, I only want to ignore those located exactly two levels down from the root. Here's a clearer illustration:

			\Library			// I want this folder to be IGNORED
					\Library	// I want this folder to be SYNCED

How can I accomplish this? Is there an option to create an IgnoreList file for specific sub-folders? If not, can I define the depth at which a folder name should be ignored in the global IgnoreList? For instance:


I'm surprised that I haven't come across this issue mentioned, or perhaps I've overlooked something, as I couldn't find any solutions for this in the available documentation or forums.

Please note that renaming the "Library" folder is not an option, as it needs to maintain that name to be properly indexed by a specific software.

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