Empty folder after synchronization

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I have 3 PCs synchronized with Resilio Synch Home Pro: 2 PCs with Windows 11 (W1 and W2) and 1 with Ubuntu 20.04 (U1).
Let me give you an example of the error that happens to me:
I start from a condition where the 3 PCs are synchronized with each other.
(W) C:\Docs <-> (W2) C:\Docs <-> (U1) /home/user/Docs

On W1 I move the C:\Docs\folder1 folder to C:\Docs\Archive\folder1. For example in this folder there are 10 files.

After I go to the W2 computer and correctly find the new C:\Docs\Archive\folder1 folder with 10 files but the C:\Docs\folder1 folder is not deleted and is empty.
Instead on computer U1 the synchronization is completed successfully.

Instead, if I change some folder on W2 or U1 they are correctly synchronized with W1.

Why on the W2 computer is the C:\Docs\folder1 folder not elminated?

Does anyone have any idea what it depends on?

Thank you

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