systemd: Error while opening config file, config file works when run from command line

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Hello i have been trying to get resilio sync to work on a Linux machine, i have created a sync.conf which is working when run in configuration mode, however when i attempt to run using systemd service file i receive a error:

Can't parse config file "/home/user/resilioSync/sync.conf": "Error while opening config file /home/user/resilioSync/sync.conf"

Error while opening config file /home/user/resilioSync/sync.confError while opening config file /home/user/resilioSync/sync.conf

I have tried the /home/user/resilioSync directory with a owner and group of root, rslsync and user, however all return the same error. Is it possible the folder being within the user directory is causing issues?

here is my sync.conf , as stated i have had this exact config 100% working when run from command line.

	"device_name": "centOS",
	"listening_port": 8888,
	"storage_path": "/home/user/resilioSync/.sync",
	"pid_file": "/home/user/resilioSync/.sync/",
	"use_upnp": false,

	"shared_folders" :
		"secret": "mysecret",
		"dir": "/home/user/resilioSync/myfile",
		"use_relay_server" : true,
		"use_tracker": false,
		"search_lan": false,
		"use_sync_trash" : false,
		"overwrite_changes": false,
		"selective_sync": false

additional info:

Resilio Sync 2.7.3

CentOS Stream 9



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