Sync existing folders on multiple computers

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I have 4 computers with about 20 terrabytes of video files on them all built with exactly the same directory structure so we can all run premiere pro projects and we don't have to relink video files each time.


Well I wanted to use Resilio to help me keep things in sync as far as folders go and here is my issue.


My current folder is called "FMS MXF". This is the folder that is completely sync'd as of now.  When I go to create a synd with Resilio, it wants to start completely over.  It creates a folder called "FMS MXF (1)". How do I get it to simply look in the existing folder and say, "Dang, I got nothing to do right now, it's already here.  Woohoo!!" instead of making me do a full copy that would take weeks.




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You didn't even mention your OS type. No wonder nobody wants to reply.

If you use Android, switch to "simple mode";

If you use Desktop app, when you add / re-connect the shared folder, manually remove "(1)" when Resilio Sync asks for the storage path. I would also back up the folder before the synchronization in case something goes wrong.

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