Read-only folders on an external SD card stopped syncing - partially

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Hello Experts,
after the latest update to Resilio 2.8.1 on my Android 10 device, all my read-only folders on an external SD card stopped syncing - partially.
Details, observations and steps I took to isolate the issue:
- external SD card: only folders on external SD card affected (created same sync folder on internal storage, and it's syncing fine)
- read-only: only read-only folders affected (created same sync folder with read&write access, and it's syncing fine)
- partially: sync is working fine for new or changed files at the root level of the synced folder; however, if the files are within a subfolder, the sync is never happening
- for existing sync folders, new or updated files will not sync (unless they are present at root level)
- for new sync folders, no files will sync (unless they are present at root level)
- I tried with several external SD cards (different brands even), but same behavior for all of them)
- Selective Sync is disabled for all my folders
Anyone having a similar issue recently - or having ideas how to fix or further analyze?

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