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Please tell me, that I will be able to really sync the complete content to the SD-Card of my Android phone.

So far all the other solutions like DropBox only allowed us to view and download a single file on demand, but no real sync was possible.

Do you intent to do it better? Please say yes.

maybe try this in the maintime

Id love to be a tester to.

I'm mainly working with 3x win7, 1x vists, 1x xp, 3x android network for office documents and pictures.

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Sorry for the double post--

Please add me to the list of beta testers, too. I am already happily using btsync in Linux and Windows.


* Samsung Galaxy S

* Samsung Galaxy S2

* Samsung Galaxy S3

* iPad 4

Obviously there already is a version for Android available:

Is this an official one? (it's working fine for me)

This app also requires a root, which may not be doable for all users of BTSync (although it is likely, because it's not like your average computer-retarded person uses BitTorrent and finds things such as BTSync).

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NO, DON'T DO IT, it is not official -- do so at your own risk, seriously.

Sure, root is for the adventurous ones.

All others please wait for the official release.

don't panic! of course you have to be careful about android apps with root access, but i think you exaggerate a bit. don't know about this one but i have plenty apps that demands root access on my rooted android phone and they are working just fine. actually i couldn't live without some of them. and some "unofficial" even work better than the "official" ones of their kind.

if you're not a geek, then just follow people's comments and ratings about this one and decide for yourself whether to use it or not.

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Android has enough problems with side-loading and now some problems with apps gone rogue over time.

Needing root is just one thing, how can you know that the program itself isn't in any way malicious? If it is malicious, then having root makes it even more dangerous.

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