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1) still dreaming of shadow copies!  need to backup those locked files and pst files!

2) email notifications of out-of-date syncs.  especially useful for using as a backup product as email notifications of syncs being out-of-date provides the ability to know that data is being backed up/synced!

3) store timestamp for last check or at least for last time client was visible/connected.  this way we know that the remote side is up-to-date or how long it's been since we knew.  critical for using as a backup product from an administration standpoint.

ability to store .sync folders outside of synced directory...


maybe make an automatic folder for each host pair to store this.





the issue here is as follows:

1) if the folder is read only then btsync can't share it because it can't write the .sync files in the folder

2) if we wanted to sync a vss (for example, link most recent shadow copy to a folder like c:\vss\foldername) we can't because the vss is read only.

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Some more features that would be great:


  1. The ability to pause syncing on individual shares
  2. A file sync percentage next to the upload/download speed e.g. 597/1024MB 57%

Cheers :D

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It would be great if btsync could report your peers version numbers (or at least have an option to broadcast your version number).


I run btsync on many servers to synchronize files/configuration files and knowing which client I need to update or hasn't been updated would make it simpler for management. 

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Guest proactiveservices

I wish the forum would include a working unsubscribe link so I can get out from this list :)


At the top-right of the page there should be a white button labelled "Unfollow this topic". You have to be logged in to see this. If you have tried that, and it still doesn't work, see if you can unsubscribe from your Content I Follow link from your profile page. You should let an admin know if either of these don't work, as something on the forum software may not be working.

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Could you please elaborate? Files could be restored by copying file backup from hidden folder .SyncArchive. Do you mean something else


When syncing a read only folder with a linux cli it should keep the folder in sync with the rw masters.



 - When a file/directory is added in a ro sync it should be deleted

 - When a file is modified in a ro sync it should be synced back to the master version


In the windows desktop client this option is called: "Restore modified files to original version"

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Its clear regarding first part. But second one is impossible. If you want peer to send changed files it should not be a RO peer.

I don't want files changed in the ro peer, that's the point. The problem is that I cannot guarantee that no files will be changed so if they do they should be reverted.

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Sorry if this is a repeat, but I would like to see the WAN speed increased (looking into VPN to look like a LAN suggested in another topic). Can you think about multiple connections for multiple files? I'm only seeing ~50kB/sec. Someone (ISPs) may be limiting torrent traffic and multiple connections could get around this. I can break large files into multiple (.par2) and transfer large files as multiple if I need it faster.

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As I mentioned in the 1.3 Thread here are my requests for a feature that should be re-implemented and one that should be implemented in the future.

As stated here:









I wanted to post the Idea here directly:


  • Enable in the "My Sync" and "Devices" -view an option to show an additional column that displays the direct path to the shared folder.
  • The ability to sort my shares for their name, size or path
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At this point, I have only one wish as far as BT is concerned

For them to realize that the longer they do not give developers a chance to develop BTSync compatible apps and do not open the source code, at least as far as hashing algorithms go, or at least a description of those algorithms, they only hurt things.

BTSync is not a miracle product, even thought the very idea is brilliant. Because it is based on the basic idea of torrents, plus a bunch of logic, which is semi-working now and has all sorts of issues that produce quite drastic result. And, most importantly, the way they generate different hashes. The rest, and the whole scheme, may be implemented in a number of ways, as long as you can generate and recognize the same hash codes and other encodings.

It seems to me that the longer they keep the sources and/or design specs and/or algorithms closed, the more they hurt their name, reputation and the rest of it. Because the appearance of sync products is inevitable now and there is absolutely no need to be compatible with BTSync for it to work, even though it would be desirable, but nothing more than that.

If someone tells me right now that there IS already a product that is open source, that does pretty much the same thing that BTSync does, on p2p basis, and utilizes DHT, but it is not compatible, I'd switch to that product instantly, without even giving it a 2nd thought.

Just the security aspect alone is enough for all those who are really concerned with this issue. Because current claims about security may give one a false picture of security, while the real "secret" is not encoding itself, which might turn out to be easily crackable to begin with.

There are already some products in various states of completion, such as Tahoe (LAFS), Hive2Hive, which is Java based, and, therefore cross-platform compatible, with full source code.

I can promise you this: if they throw together a simple sample app, I'd get it to the point where BTSync is right now in one month, and in three months it might look like "something else". Unfortunately, they only have an API now, which provides full functionality, but there is a study curve before you can have your first app functional. That is the only problem they have, as far as I can see.

And sync is a priority item in the open source community now.

So, the clock is ticking...

In my opinion, BTSync has no more than 3 months "advantage" before others will catch up with them, compatible or not is irrelevant in the scheme of things.

If BTSync keeps refusing to open things up, I could care less if the open source product is compatible to BTSync. Why would I care?

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Hi All,


I hope and think that my request is simple. I'd like to see proper support for iWork documents, specifically OS X Numbers files. They have a .numbers extension. I believe they're stored as package files that look like folders. When I modify a file, it shows all the files inside of the package that were updated, rather than just showing the file as updated. Also, on the iOS app, it shows the *.numnbers files as folders. I would rather just be able to click the file and open it in the Numbers app on iOS!!!


I hope and think that this shouldn't be too difficult! Please add!!

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Looks like several people, including myself, are confused regarding 'Read-Only'.

I initially assumed it was to be used for backup purposes, but it doesn't quite work like that.

Therefore, there needs to be a true one-way backup sync.


1. Set up folder as 'Backup' instead of 'Read-Only' (that way 'Read-Only' can stay as it is).

2. Then in the 'Backup' folder anything that happens (file/folder, create/update/delete/timestamp change, etc.) is ignored when sycned again and the folder is made the exact same as the 'master' (i.e. it's a mirrored copy of the 'master').



Would like to have some options available per folder.


1. sync_trash_ttl (so can specify a different SyncArchive option per folder).

2. Ability to Pause Syncing on a individual folder.



Allow sorting on column headers in the UI (e.g. in the Folder grid click on Path header to sort by path)

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Struck-through items are suggestions which now have their own dedicated threads in the Feature Requests forum
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1. Versioning

2. Conflict handling

3. make use of OS X build-in "Notification Center" for Sync Notifications

4. OS X Finder integration: little file badges (synced, in process, failed) and custom sync Folder-Icons

5. Make some statement regarding your business-case /intentions.

6. Keep it clean-looking and efficient ;)

Thanks for your work!


Very much agreed.

1 Conflict resolution: has to be absolutely top of the list for a functional sync app!


Same for me! .SyncArchive is a first step.

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iOS client (currently latest 1.3.25):

- I am not sure if it might have been slightly before, but there used to be a quick share option, which created a temporary share to exchange files between mobile devices. Why has this been scrapped, please bring it back, as I saw this as a viable if one is on the road and wants to share files quickly.

- Thank you for adding QR codes on the iOS client, now I am able to connect other mobile devices with it as well. My wish now would be to add the option to generate a secret to set up a share initially on a phone. I have tried to input some random characters, but it keeps coming back as Invalid Secret.


Desktop (Mac):

- Make it optional to show the full path or have a mouse over/tooltip

- Add sorting to lists, alphabetical for names, numerical e.g. for the share size



- Make the config file the same for webui and manual operation, instead of using a database file when using the web ui.

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They don't look like folders. They ARE folders, but look like files on iOS. But anyway - thanks for the proposal, we'll consider it for future releases.

They look like files on OS X as well. And the behavior in OS X when I click on an iWork file is that it opens, just like if I click a PDF. if I click a PDF in iOS Bittorrent Sync, the PDF opens. If I click an iWork file, it takes me inside the folder, where damage can occur. Dropbox supports iWork files just fine... I would almost consider this a bug, not a feature.

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It seems that the current BitTorrent Sync does not work well for a multi-homed node,

and I appreciate so much if you can sort this out.


A typical beneficial situation is, have the Internet connection of one of the peer members shared with the others, by BlueTooth PAN, ad-hoc WLAN, Windows SoftAP, or Connectify Hotspot.


I am afraid that the easiest solution would be propagate itself to all the connected networks, and probably it does not provide considerable side effects.




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Here to add my two cents to the ".syncinclude" fund.


Or better yet, as a design concept, automatically syncing the directory structure as metadata, and allowing the user to explore the directory tree on his or her own and check the items that he or she would like to sync.


That would be absolutely amazing.

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