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I suggest possibility to create a special secret key for folder in SyncApp, with such a feature: This key will be enough to sync with remote folder, but will not to decrypt the data it contains. So i

I've been tested Sync for a few days and migrated to it from DropBox. However, I have a suggestion to improve sync speed dramatically. Imagine the scenario: I have 2 nodes ("A" and "B") linked togethe

The base system is all I need. One always on desktop syncing with all my laptops. Encrypted connection with no size limits. A slice of heaven courtesy of bittorent.

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I use bittorrent sync to copy my Steam (gaming) folder that is 100+ GB.


Steam has multiple 100+ MB files that have the same SHA1 for various games.


My suggestion is that Bittorrent sync have an option to check the SHA1 checksum of any files that are 50+ MB (or customize it) on the "source" computer, copy one of the files and duplicate it on the "targest" computer to save bandwidth and time.

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I would also like to suggest the option be made to force a full one-way sync (undo changes on client/read-only side as described here - in addition to re-syncing the changed file as can currently be enabled).  It's adequate as-is, but adding that as part of the forced-resync or even as a separate option would be great.  


as bittenfig said above, displaying a file tree and allowing a read-only client to select which files to download would be nice also.  


thanks for the great program!

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My wife and I have separate user accounts on a desktop machine, but I don't want to have to keep multiple copies of synced folders for each user account. E.g. I would like to sync the /Users/Shared/ directory so that I don't need /Users/me/SyncedStuff, /Users/wife/SyncedStuff. Where SyncedStuff is the exact same stuff duplicated. That way my wife and I can share information on our desktop but we can also sync the stuff in the shared folder with our laptops.


Sync would need to run as a system daemon that starts on boot. The UI should still be accessible and usable in each account on mac / windows but only one instance of btsync would be running for all users.


On mac os x a sensible default for files added by btsync would be user name of person who installed and group name 'staff'. But user and group of synced files should be configurable in advanced options so all files remain accessible to all users.

The bittorent sync app should be a pref pane in system prefs on OS X. It's a bit weird that the bittorent sync prefs window gets lost if it loses focus.

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As requested here ( I would like to suggest that the ability be added on a read-only sync to remove individual files/folders from the list of ignored items after they have been deleted.


Currently on a read-only sync, it will just forever ignore things after they are manually deleted (even if the user on the read-only folder decides that they really wanted that file). They will have to resync the entire folder via the force-sync option to get the file back (which then would lead to them needing to delete any other files restored at the same time that they didn't want).  

You can check the thread above for a specific use example.


So far as I can tell, previously-deleted files aren't in any kind of list that can be accessed and changed.  Perhaps just adding them to the .syncignore list would be an easy fix?

(if that were the case, then the user could just open the .syncignore, find and remove the line of the file they decided that they really do want, save the changes, and then it should sync)


Thanks again for the awesome program!

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My Wishlist:


Third Column showing last sync in "My Sync" tab.


Sort function in "My Sync" Tab. (I would like to sort them alphabetically by file name.


Pause certain folders to increase allowable bandwidth to certain folders.


sync over local area network option to allow for faster syncing without using internet data with computers on the same network. (I have multiple folders I sync with backup server, desktop, and laptop that stay within the same network most of the time).


Remaining files view - how many files are left to download for each specific folder.



These are just the things I think would make the program better. I can already say that I love this app and it works so much better than the pay alternatives and also much better than the Microsoft Windows Live Mesh that was cut when Windows 8 came out. Keep up the great work!!!!

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My wishlist:


1. PLEASE!!! Compression: BTSync uses a lot more bandwidth than DropBox, Gdrive and similar. Same with duplicated files, the downloading peer should dl only one instance, but implementing this might be difficult depending on the internal bt protocol.

2. Backup secret: To ensure that the deleted files in the source are not deleted in the destination. A kind of read only destination once the files are uploaded. This is like a Forbid delete files flag for that folder and not seeding that folder.

3. Install a as a service in Windows with a management GUI. Web management would be awesome!!!



Thanks for asking!!!

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Struck-through items are suggestions which now have their own dedicated threads in the Feature Requests forum
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it would be appreciated if the Windows client supports the Volume File Copy, as file operations often fails due to too strong file locks.


e.g. bulk geotagging by GeoSetter - often incomplete process takes place for some of the files.

It first generate a temporary file and renames it successively, but the rename operation fails.


Such an observation is not seen by Google Drive.

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- Scan QR codes on desktop version

- get back the option to see and copy the read only secret in the iOS Photo Backup. Sending an email should not be the only option. (yes, I can create an email and copy the secret, but I liked it the way it was before.)

- get back the quick sharing function in the iOS version, which enabled ad-hoc creation of sharing files with mobile users.

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I know this has been mentioned on one of the previous pages, but there is no (and I mean no) online cloud service that does this for the desktop.

I need a "view-only" key, where I can see what's in a directory, and can selectively download what I need. R/W and R/O is stupid when I have 50GB in a folder, and can't pull down one file on my phone or to my desktop from that...

Yea, versioning and all that would be nice to have... but when I'm on my Android tablet, and using the Gdrive or Dropbox or Skydrive app, I log in and can view all the files in that directory, and click a handful of e-books or work pdfs, and view the locally. That would be awesome. Not a web site, per se... this is supposed to be lightweight, relatively secure, and peer-to-peer.

Also, I would spend money for a "pro" version... up to 20 bucks to 'unlock' features... this program is like 90% there...

I like it because I can use my Synology to BTsync to my laptop, and then sync that folder using "Cloud Sync" to my Gdrive or Dropbox. I have several backups, which come in handy for doctoral thesis, and work items...

Thanks again.

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What about.. if you have a camera attached to your computer or maybe it's built in, you could add folders by holding your phone with the QR Code in front of the camera and scan it?

I'm always struggeling to share secrets via mail but there isn't a comfortable way of sharing secrets from your phone to a PC for example when you're at your friends house or something..


Maybe.. you could send one time secrets via mail so I could make sure nobody else is hooking up without me wanting it (change the secret all over again..)




Or what about this: A functionality of BTS so listen to the network if there is a broadcast message from a mobile device (the bts app running) wanting to share a secret with the client itself. I imagine something like AirDrop from Apple. On the PC client you then could accept or deny the request by the mobile device for sharing a secret with you.

When you accept it, the "Add Share" windows pops up with the secret already filled in and you just have to select a folder.

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One button - doing a complete check again to verify that source and target folder is 10000% sync. I have many folders that never get synced 100 % ... even pressing keep org Folder structure on R/O shares ... or even deleting complete folder on targets and readd ... 

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Adding such a button won't help. Technically, BTSync presses "Sync Now!" virtual button every 10 seconds, i.e. every 10 seconds a peer compares it's top-level hash to other peers to check if any changes detected.


If you still see something unsynced it could be:

1) files in sync ignore which is not equal on all peers

2) files not synced due to selective sync

3) xattrs not synced due to inability to be stored on target file system

4) some bug (for this case I advise to contact our support via mailbox, so we can help you).

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I'd find it essential to be able to exclude specific subdirectories or files from synchronization.


I have large directory structures I'd like to sync, and Bittorrent Sync seems ideal for that purpose - except that these directories contain a few files and subfolders that would have to be excluded from sync.... :(


An example for this is my 'data' directory. It contains a few dozen subdirectories, but 1 of them holds my Thunderbird and Firefox profiles. Syncing them automatically would just cause trouble if these programs are opened, so it would be better to exclude them from the 'data' sync job.

Another one is my web app java source directory. It would be of great help to sync these complex directory structures in an automated way, but unfortunately, one specific subfolder holds machine-specific configuration data and would have to be excluded from sync in order to prevent messing up my production environments...


Edit : just found out that this is supported, although a somewhat 'hidden'/undocumented option. For anyone interested, look for '.SyncIgnore' here:

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Just want to start off by saying how great BitTorrent Sync is and what promise it holds as a game changer for data backup and storage especially in combination with NAS drives.


But this brings up the issue of data availability, requiring that the various devices holding a copy must be on to allow for the data to be shared with a new member of the data group.


This might sound crazy, but a solution to availability would be to share your data with the entire world of BitTorrent Sync users. It follows from a paper written a while back on secure data storage in peer-to-peer systems.


Supposedly one cannot trust the user base out there to store a full file of data, but one could encrypt a file and break it into pieces. The pieces could be shared redundantly improve the statistical likelihood of data availability. 


Each member of the community might provide a portion of their drive for data storage which is not theirs. This portion could be used as a fragment repository for random data members in the community. There are obviously other problems here. One could also use one's social network to store fragments. You might trust your friends more than a stranger on the Internet to store some of your fragments.


Paper written here discusses a working prototype of the idea (Fragmentation-Replication-Scattering) here:


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