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1) a freebsd install ( in particular one that works with freenas )

2) A way to password protect the web interface on Linux ( probably by requiring the users standard login )

3) a regular interface for Linux ( like the windows client has )

4) publish the source code under an mit license :) ( can never hurt to ask ;) )

5) File / Folder encryption

A little more info on what I mean by this, I would like it if you could encrypt a specific folder with a different key ( Maybe even stronger encryption ) This folder would sync to all the clients in your network, but without the password it is just an encrypted blob on the computer.

( Although I just thinking, this might be able to be done via true crypt )

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Very simple here that will make life easier and address some other things:

- move 100% of a folder's configuration into a text file in the folder's root. Just like Git does. This would eliminate lots of questions and stuff on this board. And of course do exactly the same for all platform versions.

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I dont know if anyone proposed it already but I would love a feature (for the future mobile app) to sync new pictures from a smartphone to pc (wi fi only) but ignore when the picture is deleted on smarphone. This way we have automatic upload of pictures to private pc but always can free up some place.

I also would like to have the option to execute some command post sync. Like to move the file to a different folder so it is clear that the file was sync'ed already.

BTSync is awsome! I have family in two countries, one machine in each country and sharing files is now much faster and easier.

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Can someone of the more active discussion-members post a list of already proposed suggestions?
I started reading but the post is 11 pages long already. I am sorry, If I say something, that was already said before.

- Syncing connection usage scheduling. The Ability of giving different Folders different priorities for the syncing. Like "sync this folder as quick as possible" or "sync this folder faster in the night", "don't sync this folder, when i am using mobile internet/slow connection speed".

- Option to add disk space for backing up other users data without the ability to access/decrypt it.
-> This was proposed before but I am not sure if this means, that i have to store the files of a friend completely, or just a part of it. I think the clever (and elegant) way here would be to add features like in an LAFS (least authority file system).

- Also the option of "globally backing up data combined with prepared loading/weighting funcions". Like I assign 1 GB of Storage for backing up/storing the Podcast Archive of [person]. The whole Archive is 2 GB, so only ~50% of it is on my computer. The Rest is stored on other Computers who store this. Now normally the newest podcasts are more relevant as older ones, so it makes more sense to have the newer more redundant. This could be done with a weighting function (or prioritising different files).
The newest podcast could then be present with 100% - so when i want to access it it is already ready.
(This could also be applied for torrents where files that reguarily update - but of which I not often use everything).

- more detailed status data about folders and files within (sync status of folders and individual files). Maybe also available as raw data (so people can create their own status grafics.)

- possibilty to create secrets for individual files (maybe like this: [folder-secret]:[file-subsecret]

that's all for now. Thanks!

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1) a freebsd install ( in particular one that works with freenas )

BT has said they're working on a FreeBSD client and it should be released soon. I've also asked for a FreeBSD 8.x-compatible version for FreeNAS specifically. Unfortunately FreeBSD 9 implements a call similar to inotify, so BT has already said it will have to poll the file shares every 10 minutes like on Mac.

5) File / Folder encryption

A little more info on what I mean by this, I would like it if you could encrypt a specific folder with a different key ( Maybe even stronger encryption ) This folder would sync to all the clients in your network, but without the password it is just an encrypted blob on the computer.

( Although I just thinking, this might be able to be done via true crypt )

TrueCrypt is a great option for this, as long as you create a sparse container. And don't defrag your TrueCrypt volume, haha. BT has said they will work on a more resilient and complete delta transfer in the future, as well.

Another alternative is EncFS. You create a directory to place your encrypted source and it's nothing but a bunch of files that mirror the unencrypted (mounted) EncFS filesystem, but the data and even filenames are encrypted. This would work very well with BTSync because only updated files need to be sync'd, as opposed to changed blocks within a (very large) TrueCrypt container.

Probably best to experiment with both and see which meets your needs the best. In the past I've used EncFS on top of SSHfs successfully. I've also used a PGP volume, and then later a TrueCrypt volume, for many years until taking employment with my current company where they have a very lax security policy and don't run spyware on my lappy. Now I just encrypt my entire lappy disk with TrueCrypt.

EDIT: And I say as long as you create a sparse container because hopefully that will enable BTSync to efficiently sync a new container quickly, in the future. Currently BTSync isn't sparse-aware. It also doesn't employ any kind of compression in the transfer protocol yet, so a 10 GB file consisting only of zeroes (whether sparse or fully allocated doesn't matter) still transfers all 10 GB.

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I would like to be able to have read/write access to a folder and still be able to delete files when I don't want them taking up my space but yet NOT remove them from everyone else just because I don't want my space taken up with something in particular.

I can swap my secret to the readonly one and that would likely work but then I cannot simply edit it and put the full code back in because it won't let me edit it once its readonly.. So then I have to totally remove it, then go readding it again using the full read/write code.

Do you know what I mean?

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Restore file from SynchTrash

If a file is deleted on Computer A the deletion is mirrored to Computer B which moves the file into .SynchTrash.

If the file is then recreated as an identical file on Computer A a new file is created on Computer B.

Can I request that if a file that is to be created matches the file in .SynchTrash the file is moved out of trash and reinstated on Computer B as if it had never been deleted in the first place.

In the event that the file isn't exactly the same, but is actually rather similar, I would request that any matching blocks be retrieved from the Trashed file to help speed up the transfer of the new file.

If there are multiple matching files in Trash the best match should be chosen from the the most recent few files.

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New in the Alpha.

I have seen the request for a "true" portable solution.. To go along with that for my needs I could see it being quite beneficial to be able to run a commandline to get a machine into the stream.

ie: BTSync.exe -readonlysharedsecret -foldertocopyfilesto -trayonly

Also running as a system level service would be great and then the ability to throw commands at the system service as necessary would be nice too.

Thanks, loving the Alpha so far.


Our plan is to distribute VHD files to our workstations on site. If we could launch BTSync.exe from the command line to sync the files, that would be great!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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In the "Shared Folders" tab where it shows the number of files tt would be helpful if this file count could show the number of files EXCLUDING ones that are being ignored.

For example, A has file x.jpg B has file x.jpg and A/B are now synced. I view x.jpg on A and it creates a Thumbs.db, which is not synced to computer B (correct).

However now I look at the number of files in "Shared Folers" on both computers and on A I see 2, B I see 1.

For my sanity to know that both are synced I would like to be able to see that the number of files are the same.

***As I am writing this I'm a little unsure if what I said above isn't already done that way.. Could anyone confirm? I assume the "Devices" tab is supposed to help with knowing things are synced up, but for me it rarely/never shows "Synced on X" for all devices (which is another issue).

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Option to right klick on a joined device and select transfer to this host only/Priority A. IP and Port are very shortly displayed - but after a few seconds the Name is resolved and you can not directly see the ip and port name and fill it into "transfer to this hosts" Option. But i wan't to transfer from my Home device to a special host only (Server) witch is online 24/7.

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There should be some notification telling me someone else has joined my sync folder. Or something that prevents people from instantly joining a sync folder like, maybe they have to get a permission email to get access for example.

Once you have shared the secret with someone, you have given this someone access to your data.

"Permission email" then would be the email in wich you send the secret.

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Some thinks I would like to see in order to improve the Linux deployment:

  1. The possibility to specify the location of the log file. I noticed that btsync writes some basic logging information in a file called sync.log in the storage path. For a generic deployment as system service, I would like to have the file written under /var/log/ or /var/log/btsync/
  2. The possibility to specify a logging level
  3. The possibility to output log messages also or alternatively to syslog (that would be the better choice).

Apart from that: great work! Keep going on!

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1. Subfolder sharing

Now one cannot sync a subfolder of a shared folder separatelly. I'd like to have an ability to have a separate secret to share only subfolder. btw, sharing a subfolder using junction links (Win 8 x64) leads to apps crash.

2. Password protecion

I'd like to have an ability to protect a secret with a password, that I'll send separatelly. For commecial users one time sms codes can be added.

3. Web/ios/android file browser

No comment

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There are a lot of great requests in this thread. We have been looking for one particular feature in a syncing-app: one-way sync. Which this app does, but if a user accidentally renames, deletes, or moves a file; there does not seem to be a logical way to return it to the state it should be at.

Wishlist Suggestion: An option in the client to re-pull everything (pretty much blows out everything in the synced folder of the read-only client, and re-pulls everything down).

If you need to do this now you can setup an AUFS file system (a stacked filesystem), share it with a read-write key and then have a periodic job that comes along and clears everything out of the (top) writeable layer of the stack. (except the .SyncID, file) All changes will go and any files that were deleted (with .wh.* files) will be made visible again reverting the share to the contents of the lower, readonly, layer.

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I don't have the solution, but TheSnowman's comment resonates with me. The idea that "secrets" have to be sent by e-mail in order to get a new sync set up seems like an oxymoron to me. I'm just starting to work with the app, so maybe I don't understand secrets yet (in fact, I still don't understand the layers of secrets and how many secrets I'll end up with). Unless there is a way to select only certain sub-folders in a larger folder, I'll end up with many syncs. Does that mean that each one folder gets a unique set of secrets? How does one manage them?

I've read the User Guide and will continue reading posts here to learn about the secret process. Please make the discussion/description of "Secret" much more user-friendly. I'm pretty tech-savvy, but this part of SyncApp is baffling.

You might try the script at btsync://AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/MakeAKey.html

It will take a (nice long) memorable passphrase and convert into the hash that btsync wants.

Six to eight words should be enough ... random ones.

BTW: BTSync passcodes are really very simple ... One passcode == One directory tree ... everywhere.

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BTS is a great product and I'm very happy with it, having moved off of Cubby when they decided to rip us off, and before that from Live Mesh which worked well for years for us. :-(

It's very close to perfect for our needs, in some ways better than either Cubby or Mesh. There are a few Wishlist suggestions that would still be very helpful:

+1 for "mirror" type read-only sync
+1 for "update scan" button on read-only sync - basically like the mirror, but manual. Both these seem to be pretty popular and useful suggestions, is there any way of knowing if they are on the official dev list?

+1 for showing all currently authorized syncs on the Devices list, even when that particular device is not connected. This allows you to easily monitor the status of remote locations - "oh, something's wrong, that one's not tying in, I'd better go look at it." Yes I know there are plenty of remote monitoring programs, but esp since BTS is not a Windows Service, a remote location can be perfectly healthy and yet BTS isn't running.
+1 for making it a Windows service so you don't have to be logged in to run it.

It would also be very useful to allow a device to be kicked out of the sync from the Devices list. Mesh used to allow this and it was much easier than having to turn off a sync at each node individually. Of course that would not delete the files already synced and that's fine.

If there's a new Wishlist suggestion I have, it would be more "eye-candy"-like status information. For instance, one of the earlier Cubby versions had an extremely helpful popup that showed the currently active connections between your node and remote nodes that were sending/receiving data. I know that similar information can be had in the Transfers and History tabs, so this isn't essential, but graphic status is nice. Maybe an easier way to accomplish something similar would be to have animated icons on the Devices tab instead of the static ones currently used, showing visually which shares are actively transmitting and which aren't. Oh, and those icons should have popup rollover text stating what they mean, it's not always totally obvious.

Overall, a great program, and I'm looking forward to future developments!

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Can we please have a control to say how a particular known host is to be connected to.

Currently it would be "TCP or UDP".

This way a known host could be an SSH/Zebedee/TCPredir/etc tunnel using TCP rather then UDP to anywhere, not just the lan.

In addition other connection types would be nice:





ie: TCP connects through a proxy and SOCKS5 connections to bind an external UDP port.

PS: Encryption should be controllable in the same way.

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