Feature Request: Disable Disk Polling

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Thank to all devs the progress made on SyncApp.

After some weeks playing with SyncApp, I found some roles where the SyncApp share could avoid most of disk i/o thus allowing disk to stay in standby mode, improving power savings a lot. This ideally would be a per share setting, or a global setting that could be overridden per share

Comes to my mind a NAS instance of SyncApp that performs as a central mirror that runs 24h. No changes are made locally so we could avoid all i/o related to filechange checking, we'll have an option to manually trigger a filecheck when needed. This will let the disk enter in standby mode most of the time.

A SyncApp share not being actively modified on the current machine could be set to this setting thus letting longer disk standby periods, improving battery life in a notebook.

Allowing the user to set the "Check for filechanges every X s":

- 0 to disable

- Default

- Long periods (3600s)

What do you think?

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