Changed files replaced by old ones from another machine

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Main machine Win7x64 laptop

Backup machine WinXP desktop

Sync is to synchonize CAD library data files with the backup.

Once the shared folder defined on the desktop disappeared from the Sync's list of 'Shared folders'. This morning I discovered this, re-added the folder and got a message some about folder's 'ownership'. After sync I found my yesterday library work on the laptop has been lost and replaced by old files from backup machine.

How can I avoid it?

Should there be a dialog to resolve file conflicts?

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You may be able to recover your lost files if you check the .SyncTrash folder (a hidden folder created by SyncApp) in the folder concerned.

My understanding in relation to "file conflicts" is that SyncApp will assume that the most recent version of a file is the one to keep - perhaps it's worth checking that the system time on both of your machines is correct, as this potenitally could be a cause for your files being incorrectly replaced?

It is strange that your folder vanished from the Shared Folders list in SyncApp though!

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.SyncTrash folder

There are no hidden folders.

System time is set to be automatically syncronized with time.windows.com and the timezones are same.

Maybe it happens because I generated a new secret key for this folder, then found the old key in IM history and added the folder with old key.

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@GreatMarko @dlw

Regarding the .SyncTrash folder, check your hidden folder Username / AppData / Roaming / SyncApp. I think the Trash might be located in there if that helps.

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I actually had a somewhat similar issue.

Machine 1: Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Machine 2: Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Machine 3: Windows 8 Pro 64bit

I started by sharing the entire projects folder for my VS2012 projects from Machine 1.

I then added the folder to Machine 2, and everything seemed to be working like a charm.

However, after everything was in sync between the two machines, a small set of files kept being synced back and forth, deleting them on the "host"/original machine (1) and adding them from Machine 2. Then the other way back. (At least that was how I interpreted the logs).

This went on for days, so finally I decided to try manually to delete the files on Machine 1.

The files then were synced back from Machine 2, and since then, no problems has been noticed.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Could you please collect debug logs and send to sync@bittorrent.com?

You need:

1. Choose "Enable debug logging" in tray icon

2. Wait for your issue to reproduce.

3. Send file from %APPDATA%/SyncApp/sync.log to us.


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