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  1. Yes and No. I will use this for personal usage ( i have 2 dedicated servers , 1 home server , and many PCs with Linux , Windows and OSX ) And i am trying to figure if there is a way to use it the company i work as Linux System Administrator. At this time for sync we are using rSync. In the past we have develop a way to sync with rTorrent but server's run out of memory because we have to many torrent enabled at the same time ( and we add remove torrent dynamic )
  2. Forgot the most important... --- All platforms Run as Daemon - Service
  3. ---On All Platforms -Command line arguments ( ex. add-remove a share via command line ) -Turn On Off shares without need to delete -Users-PCs , Groups , Permissions. ( ex. group 1 have read write to PCs witch are members of group 1 group 2 everyone can read , but only from group 3 can write group 3 everyone can read , nobody can write ) -Add manual peers (via ip-host) -Add shares by adding some file to the App ( like xml will do the job ) with multiple share inside -Remote administration of the Apps with my shares ( if i have 5 PC with 10 share and i wanna delete 4 shares from all without the need to go on its App and do that ) ---On Linux -Authentication for the Web UI -Option to change default port ( 8888 ) ---On Windows -Option to hide taskbar icon -Remote control Sorry for my English
  4. I have tried on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 x686 with ia32-libs and work perfect. @mangavalk have you run it as root? (ex. sudo ./SyncApp_i3861.0.63 ) PS. you must kill the running process to run it again. @employess can i change the port (8888) of the web gui? This is a regular port for web proxy server...
  5. Thanks. That will to the job. You can close topic.
  6. Example. I wanna sync one folder witch got a game, League of Legends. We got 3 pc on the same lan, pc1 ,pc2 pc3. Pc1 have the updated version of the game and pc2 and pc3 don't. pc2 and pc3 will get the updated version from pc1? With what criteria sync become? Another example. If i have a folder with a doc file inside on pc1 and pc2 and make changes on the doc from both pc's. After the sync witch copy of the file will be on the two pc's?
  7. I am not invited yet for the beta Sync, but i see that your OS is 64bit and the version of Sync is for 32bit (from the filename you give) ofc you are missing header files. Is better to download x86 aka 64bit version of sync , if exists...