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  1. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to syncing two discs root to root, or would it be better to sync each of the containing folders separately? That is - I could sync my 2TB discs F:\ to F:\ - and get all of the contents; or I could select the subdirectories one at a time: music, video, photos, etc. Any reason to do on over the other?
  2. Using it for a simple and free way to back up my files. I have ~2tb of files, which I keep on mirrored disks in my home office. I made a third copy (just using drag and drop) and then took it and an old netbook and placed them in a remote location, and then synced it to one of the home disks. Now I have all of my files remotely backed up, so a local flood, fire, theft will not result in losing my files.