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  1. Yes, I have to share that opinion too, BTSync offers a near-zero learning curve, at least for the basics. RSync is a very potent application no doubt about that, but it is not for my granma for instance, not even my little brother. So the user adaption on the utilty is a very important matter. With respect to the mechanism that BTSync uses to detect and propagate file changes. The time taken to re-calculate the chunks of the changed file is dependent on the size of it right?. How much would that be for 1GByte, lets say?
  2. Good questions the one Scorpius asks. As far as I know, if BTSync uses the bittorrent protocol, an approach to detect file variations would be something like a systems that "recalculates" the chunks in which a file is partitioned and then compare the chunks with variatons? Is that feasible?