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  1. No, it was a regular (read/write) secret. I wanted a true shared directory. But sharing a directory should not silently delete a subdirectory and it should not silently cause files to be renamed. -- Art Z.
  2. I tried syncing a directory from a Linux machine to a Windows machine. Several filenames were changed on the (source) Linux box and several directories vanished from the (source) Linux box. The cause was filename characters which are legal in Linux but illegal in Windows, such as the colon ":" For example: This filename: .../Medley: song1, song2, song3.mp3 turned into: .../Medley_ song1, song2, song3.mp3 This directory vanished: .../Best of Some Band: 1970-1979/...I don't think that BT Sync should ever change a filename, especially not on the source machine. It certainly should not delete a d