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  1. Sorry hakkas, but I don't understand your posting. I am not a programmer and do not know how to apply the information you have supplied. I guess my level is NOVICE in this situation! So sorry!.
  2. Hi - I have just found BitTorrent Sync and I am so happy! My question is - am I able to set up a sync to my D-Link DNS-320 NAS from my computers? I run a Toshiba A500 Laptop as a "main computer", doing a lot of computing work at home. I have a second Toshiba P850 Laptop as my "travelling" computer - which I take on-site for business. I would like to sync both Laptops to the NAS to provide a single source of files generated off both those laptops. I read the posting entitled Supported NAS (01 Feb 2013) but I don't understand most of what's posted. To be clear - I only want to sync from the Lapt