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  1. Thanks again, GreatMarko (you are indeed great). I had browsed the forums and seen that thread. Perhaps I didn't read it carefully enough but I concluded that at the time there was no good solution. For this reason, I posted the question again in the hope that someone could have found some way around this problem. I have a question, though. I have noticed that I don't have the problem anymore! The only thing that I have done differently is that now I have two daemons that start BitTorrent sync at boot time. In the previous sessions besides starting the sync from the client computer I also started Bittorrent Sync manually on the server and I accessed the Bittorrent Sync WebGui control panel for server. Could this be what caused the problem? It doesn't seem logical that it would but this is the only thing that I did differently before the problem all of a sudden disappeared. JM
  2. Hi GreatMarko, Thanks for your quick response! I was aware of the fact that Windows had this limitation (as many others :-) ) but no Windows system is involved in my network of bittorrents. All the machines I'm using run either Linux or OSX. I'm also having another problem that I used to have when I transferred files between Windows and Linux machines but that I had not had for a long time: whenever I sync files from my backup directory (on a Mac), the permissions (read and write for everybody) change when they are copied in the Linux server. This is a REAL pain because if I change the permissions in the Linux machine to make all of the files read and write again (as they were originally), then Bittorrent Sync believes they are not the same files and starts synching again creating a double for every file!!!!! I know this is an experiment at this point (in fact a truly exciting one). I guess I should assume, however, that no matter how enormously useful and cool this will be in the future, the project is not a mature enough to handle these "real life" problems. I would be extremely grateful to whoever can give me some hints to help me get around these problems. Because of the nature of the data I have, I can't shorten the names of the files that don't meet the requirements of the Windows OS.
  3. OK. This is a bit strange but I'm sure it has some obvious explanation. In my .SyncIgnore file I have a quite a few filters (desktop.ini, thumbs.db, etc) to prevent these files from being synchronized. However, I checked and there are quite a few other files that are not synchronized either. Here are a few examples. There are some that have quite unusually long names and have problematic characters. These are files I downloaded from somewhere and were originally misnamed or that are the result from mistakenly saving a document with the name proposed by the application. Serveis i tràmits - Sol·licitud per participar com a corrector/a de les PAU. Professorat universitari..pdf Svar på skjemaet "Online registration_ International Conference on Historical Linguistics Oslo 2013" er levert.eml But then there are also some other ones that should not have been problematic: DocumentSummaryInformation comparison_with_adjectives.jcl show_adds_impl.js all.css read.html Why would Bittorrent Sync have problems with those?
  4. Thanks Lightning for the quick response. I have one question about your script. From what I see you have to write the path to where your sync.pid lives. Would this be the same as the btsync binary? (I have it in /usr/bin). That's the same directory where the 'config.json' file (which I still haven't created) lives, right? Thanks again for your help. JM
  5. I've read different documents that talk about the config file but I haven't been able to see any information about setting things up so that BitTorrent Sync starts automatically whenever the server reboots. Can anybody tell me how to do this or point me to documentation that explains how to do it? Thanks