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  1. I create a full dump, but the file it creates is a 0kB file... Do I do this after the process freezes, or right when it starts up?
  2. I will if it freezes again - it's working properly for me once I reduced the file load. I'm about to re-add 90,000 more files, so here's hoping for errors
  3. I at least temporarily reduced the files down to 175,000 files, and that seemed to solve things. I'll see how it goes, and will gradually add more volumes and push my boundaries
  4. It seems that I might be having these issues due to the large numbers of files I'm syncing - I've got about 350,000 different files.... I'll try and reduce the amount of files that are syncing and see if that solves the issue.
  5. I'm syncing data across about 14 computers, some of them being very large video files. At the moment, this is all on computers using Windows 7, on a Gigabit LAN. I find that on my master backup computer, every 30 minutes to an hour, the BT Sync app will freeze. When I view it in the Task Manager, under Processes, I see that it's using 00 CPU, but it consistently freezes with a memory usage of 850,000K - 900,000K. Is this a memory leak issue, perhaps? I was using a previous version of BT Sync (I'm sorry that I can't remember which, as I assumed it'd be fixed with the version upgrade ), and it