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  1. Update... I received the following response from Sync Support after providing hardware specs, kernel version, debug logs, and related configuration information: "We have some problems associated with limitations of FreeBSD OS. Looks like your problem is one of them. The problem is that we can't instantly track changes of files, only periodically after 10 min. Please, be aware of this. But we work on this issue, and it will be fixed in the next releases! Best regards, BT Sync team." I was able to recreate the problem by creating a shared folder with two files in it. Only one of the files sync'd. I sent both of the files, along with the debug logs from the windows side (no word on how to enable freebsd logging) to the support team so that they can reproduce if needed. Hopefully this will be resolved soon as this looks to be a fantastic feature. V/R, Tim
  2. Update.... Works fine with another windows box...still no freenas sync above 4.0 GB I found the logs and I'm sending them in. Running the app as admin didn't seem to change anything. Thanks again.
  3. All, I have installed btsync on my freenas box and it's running in daemon mode: ./btsync & I created a read-only secret on my windows 7 machine and added it to the freenas's btsync gui. THe sync begins and syncs up to exactly 4.0 GB (as reported by the windows upload status field, and the freenas dowload status field). The sync stops there. This is short of the total sync folder size of 6.9 GB. Any ideas? Additional note: In an effort to provied due diligence to my post, I enabled debugging in the windows side. This did not generat a sync.log the the application folder. It also doesn't appear that there is an option to turn on debugging on the freenas side. Help would be appreciated. V/R, Tim