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  1. Shared secure Bittorrent downloading Torrent proxy / anonymizers usually only allow one IP per account. My workaround using your sync: On my regular Bittorrent machine that has the proxy/encryption/VPN... Create shared folder for incoming torrent files Create read only share folder for received torrent downloads In regular Bittorent I set the incoming sync folder as my watch folder. I set my download directory to the received torrent downloads share. I also set BitTorrent to delete/move the torrent upon load (so sender knows it went) On any machine with the shares, just drop a torrent into the incoming folder and can securely/anonymously download from anywhere and get the file upon arrival. Not as fast, but much safer and I don't need to setup a full torrent client. Android Sync workaround Since there's no android client yet, here is my workaround using your current sync and 2 computers: On rooted android, installed Samba Filesharing. It creates network share of SD drive upon Wifi connection when I get home (automatic with Locale/Tasker) On one home machine, mapped the share as drive Z: In BTsync, I shared the Z:\ folders for my TitaniumBackup, Nandroids, Pictures, etc When I travel within Wifi range, Samba enables, lights up my Z: drive, BTsync sees it and syncs all my stuff. Usenet Account Sharing Created share for incoming usenet downloads folder on Sabnzb box Using Sabnzb, created Category for my shared folder When download added, change dropdown in Sab to my BTsync folder before completion Sab downloads into the sync folder then gets pushed to the final destination(s) Doing it this way allows you to selectively sync only the downloads you want, regular Sab downloads go to my normal incoming folder. I'm sure I'll come up with more fun stuff to do with this thing. Thanks for creating this awesome "swiss army knife" of file syncing!