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  1. I posted instructions for making this work using nginx here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/20710-nginx-as-reverse-proxy-for-the-config-page/#entry66870 It's been working great for me.
  2. Here's the magic incantation for nginx to get this to work: location /btsync/ { proxy_pass http://localhost:8888/gui/; subs_filter /gui /btsync;}If you understand this config you will see it is a very ugly hack, but that the point we're at right now
  3. There are many other reasons to want to access the Web UI through a reverse proxy other than just enabling SSL. You could enable many other types of authentication, for example. Editing a binary file to embed a cert is... not a great configuration methodology.
  4. Well, tried a little harder and it sorta works. This was the magic incantation that worked for me: RewriteRule ^/btsync$ /gui/ [R] RewriteRule ^/btsync/ /gui/ [R] RewriteRule ^/gui$ /gui/ [R] ProxyPass /gui/ http://localhost:8888/gui/ <Location /gui/> ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:8888/gui/ Order Allow,Deny Allow from All </Location> It redirects /btsync to /gui but at least it works. Hope that helps someone out there.
  5. Has anyone managed to setup Apache so that you can access the web UI through a reverse proxy? Everything I've tried just redirects me to /gui and I can't get it to work. This would be very useful to have because I would like to access the web UI through SSL via my own webserver. Thanks for any help.