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  1. We can wait a few months. Our students are rural medical doctors. We have too many students, and many in rural areas and in the rainforest were they won't have internet acess most of the time. Sync is important so that they may have offline access. Too many GBs of data for a single website. Videos and such. Fortunately, monthly they go to town or meet a coleage or tutor. Using bit torrent sync they could get updated material in this meeting. Even with poor Internet connection, for later offline use.
  2. Dear all, I am considering using BTSync to keep educational content up to date in 4.000 pcs and android devices for offline use. I would have a few servers as "seeders", sharing the secret for decentralized content update. The students would be given a read only secret. It is basically HTML5 content, with videos and images. Like this educational module here: http://moodle.unasus...t&testcookies=1 We are going to publish a few hundred of it. Would that be a good idea?