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  1. Thanks - I did try a google search, but failed in my attempt. (I guess I just don't type in the right thing for the search engine). That's quite complex - I didn't realise it was that involved. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hi, Sorry for such a noob question - but I was just wondering - given Bittorrent only has a single line for the secret - how secure is this? For instance- I'm used to applications that require a username & a password, so not only would you have to guess the right pwd, you would also be required to guess the matching username against it. With BTSync, it seems as though someone just needs to start with an auto-incremental attempt to connect to the service, and they will eventually get a secret that matches someone's computer. Now - I admit, I'm igorant, and maybe it's much more complicated than that, or maybe BTSync has some checks in place to disable IP's from connecting if multiple attempts are made - I'm not sure, but would be interested to know. Cheers Adza
  3. Strewth - how embarrasing. Thanks for letting me know. I can't believe I missed it.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to stop BTSync from adding itself to the windows start menu. I understand that in most situations this is preferrable, but for some users (such as myself) - I would like to manually start BTSync without having it attempt to add itself to the windows start every time. PS - smashing product, and perfect timing too - since Windows is taking away it's existing products bit by bit from their customers (aka livemesh). Cheers