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  1. The latest version of btsync supports read-only encrypted peers, but this feature is only available through the API. Does anyone have an idea why? It seems like it's something that's useful for anyone, not just developers. For example lots of companies provide hosted btsync and I'd prefer if they couldn't read my data. Same with renting a cheap VPS somewhere.
  2. That isn't a solution at all and the fact that this is an "official" workaround makes me trust in BTSync's security _a lot_ less. This is so trivially insecure it's laughable.
  3. Hi, can I setup a BT Sync server that helps to distribute/cache the shared folder so that clients can download from that server (like with Dropbox) while keeping this server out of the loop what content is actually shared by the users? E.g. is there a way to get some "cache-only" secret or something? Thanks