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  1. I'm running the software on my raspberry pi at home (200 km away) which runs 24/7. Every folder (documents, configs, dotfiles, ...) or collections and libraries (movies, music, pictures, ... ) that i need to backup are now added to the shares list. At home my parent's computers are also linked to bittorrent sync for backing up pictures or sharing them with me. On my phone, the Android app syncs the entire SD card to my work stations. After taking a picture or GPS track, the data is directly synced to all computers (no more data cables ). The next step is encouraging more friends to use bittorrent sync and establish some more shares I used to use Dropbox but it limited me in several ways also the lack of encryption, no rw control and the data transfer over 3rd party servers made me to change to bittorrent sync. Thank you guys!!