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  1. I've got 2 macs that sync quite well, for the most part. However, there's a substantial section of my Documents directory that is queued, but never syncs. On one computer, the Folder size is 14.0 GB, and under the devices tab says "Up arrow" 5.0 GB. The other computer: Folder size is 9.0 GB, and under the devices tabs says "Down arrow" 5.0 GB. That 5GB of data never seems to sync across. I have another folder that syncs well and is up to date, and other data when placed in the incompletely-synced-Documents folder makes it across. I've tried restarting one computer's BTSync app while the other is running, and vice versa, and stopping both and restarting, but nothing seems to budge that 5GB of missing sync. It's also been a problem across a few versions now too. I'm on the latest 1.1.48 release. Any ideas on what I could try? Thanks, Sam.