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  1. I would love it if you created an enterprise version of this tech that would work in the following way: 1) Allow is to run as a service on a file server to map local drives, iSCSI, etc. 2) create a management console that would integrate with AD or OpenAD, where you could assign users to groups,departments, etc and allow each user to have access via one key to all groups/teams/department/etc files and folders. 3) allow each shared folder to have the possibility of adding a mapped drive letter. 4) a setup wizard to port over all users and groups from AD and file/folder permissions from file-servers. With these options in place, a company could keep all the comforts and ease of management in place but be able to give all employees the same access to work files and folders easily without huge costs and installation burdens. Most AD companies have only local file access to everything except by users with VPN access and are stuck with only allowing windows computers (primarily, not only) to allow for managed file, printer and authentication management. If you could allow for a print service to run on print servers too that would monitor a certain sync'd spooler folder for print requests and then hand them off to the print server, that would alleviate two of the primary restrictions keeping computer locked as windows only and allow for print from anywhere solutions as a benefit to clients too. Of course this would have to be wrapped into the management console to limit certain printers availability to certain users, departments or groups.