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  1. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I was having problems with the System Volume Information folder. I changed the permissions on the folder itself to allow BTSync access but a subfolder was giving me problems. After doing everything I could think of, I ended up deleting the offending folder by booting into Linux and then BTSync happily went to work syncing the remainder of the drive.
  2. Hey guys Thanks for the great product. Right now, my son and I are using BTSync to maintain our own cloud. We both have servers with the family's pictures, videos and files at each of our homes and sync them with BTSync. Works great with one exception. I've tried several times to figure out how to sync the root of a drive. I also sync my primary computer (the data drive) with the server using BTSync. My main work computer has an SSD and a data drive like most of us. I want to back up the entire data drive which has many directories. While I could move it down a level, I've got a number of programs installed to it and it would probably be easier to just wipe out Windows and start over. I've searched the forums repeatedly and tried to include the Recycle Bin and System Volume Information folders in .SyncIgnore but to no avail. I keep getting errors in the log (error 5) and it stops. Is there any way to sync the root of a drive? Any guidance/clues or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. I've just started using BitTorrent Sync and it looks quite impressive. I've got several family members who need to have their computers backed up and kept in sync and this looks like just the tool. A question about BitTorrent Sync and flexRaid which is a pseudo raid solution (similar to unRaid or SnapRAID). My son and I have both built servers and plan to use flexRaid in SnapShot mode to protect the different family members photos, home movies and other digital material. The two servers will reside about 20 miles apart (his house and mine) and will form cloud storage for the other family members. He and I have both set up Win 7 Pro systems with Snapshot flexRaid and we plan to use BitTorrent Sync to keep the two systems in sync as well as backing up files on the various family members computers. My question - has anyone used BitTorrent Sync with flexRaid? As I understand it, BitTorrent Sync indexes the files prior to transfer and I'm concerned about these indices (and other files) changing on a regular basis which would interfere with flexRaid. FlexRaid does fine with new or deleted files but if the content of a file changes on a regular basis, it interferes with the backup capabilities. Any thoughts and experiences would be welcome for this new user. Thanks much.