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  1. Hello everybody, I think I see one security hole in the way bittorrent operates relating to 'relay server'. Computers (not in the same local network) with the same secret connect to relay server. Then, relay server compares the secrets to connect the two computers. Secrets need to be sent to 'relay server', with the secret some bad guys at Bittorrent can read users' files. I think secrets must be hashed before sending to relay server to compare; relay server only compare hashed secrets . This is more secure. Any idea to my opinion. Thanks.
  2. I use keepassx to manage password and use BTsync to synchoronize password database between laptop and smartphone. I have just edited the database from laptop - adding one new entry - cafully saving it, then started BTsync on both devices. The file I had edited was replaced by the old one from smartphone. How to solve this problem?
  3. Thank you, Varnagas Now I understand. So for any situation BTsync is always usefull. For several hundreds MB, sync over internet is ok. For hundreds of GB and low internet connection, it is better to sync over local network. In my situation, my large folder better needs to sync over local network for the first time. After there will be a few changes which I will sync it over internet for convinience.
  4. After reading description and explanation about bittorrent, I understand most of it except one: How can Bittorrent Sync be fast? In my imagination/thought, if I set up Bittorrent Sync to sync folders on my PC (which may be hundreds of GB) to my laptop, there will be only 2 peers - my PC and my laptop. My internet connection's upload speed is only 512 Kbps (~64 KB/s). The no way to complete synchonizing. Does Bittorrent Sync first make other PCs (which do not belong to me) be peers to speed up the process. If so there are more peers than just my PC and laptop and encrypting ensures that the orther PCs which involve do not see my files?