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  1. Feature request: Text editor I asked about being able to edit text files using different apps, however this isn't possible. It would be great to have a very basic text editor built-in.
  2. Ok. I'll give the app read-only access to my shares for now. A built-in text editor would be great! The most basic of implementations would do. I'll add this feature request to the actual requests thread.
  3. First off, congrats on the iOS release! When opening text files in BTSync for iOS, I get the option to open it in one of my other apps, including Dropbox and Evernote. I'd like to open it in a text editor, edit it, then save it back to BTSync. Is this workflow possible? If so, how do I know which text editing apps will appear in this context menu? I apologise if this becomes a "plug your favourite iOS text editor" thread, but it'd be useful to know which apps fulfill this role. I tried some from this list which support "Open in...", but no luck. Any recommendations?