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  1. The "on demand" mode (with .bts links) is a great option, but not always ideal.


    For example, I don't always want to even SEE all the files in a share. If someone has shared a folder with me and I'm only interested in one subdirectory, all those .bts files are just added and unnecessary noise.


    It's also kinda confusing that when you delete a synced file, it is replaced with a .bts file, instead of actually deleting the file. To delete a file, you have to delete it twice.


    I haven't tested, but I can imagine that this might confuse some apps where you delete a file from within the app, the app deletes it from the file system, but the file is still shared to all other devices and a .bts file is still on my share.


    A traditional "selective sync" option (like Dropbox) would be an excellent option in addition to "on demand". It should behave just like "always/full/auto" sync mode, but with some exclusions. Anything that is excluded (either specifically or by glob pattern or regex pattern) simply wouldn't show up in the local share. But everything that does show up behaves just like any other file.


  2. BTS seems to automatically start syncing folders added to my other devices, but in "on demand" mode.


    I want BTS on my NAS (when it's available) or iMac (for now) to automatically sync all files for all folders added to any of my devices, so it can act as the "always on" cloud peer.


    I want my laptop to automatically sync "on demand" for all folders added to any of my devices, so it doesn't start downloading too much data when I don't need it.


    The configuration option should be per device and something like "Default Sync mode for new shares" with these options:


    "off" (in which case the user can set the sync mode and local directory manually for all new shares)


    "on demand" (in which case it goes into the default folder location and only creates .bts links)


    "always" (in which case it goes into the default folder location and syncs all data)


  3. Thanks for the reply.

    So it sounds like if I am syncing a few large files, then there could still be a little duplication but not too much. But if I am syncing many small files (e.g. a folder of Photos, with each photo being under or just over 4MB) then I am very highly likely to be sending the same whole files to both H1 and H2 at the same time.

    This seems to be the case, as when I watch the transfers window, BTSync appears to be working it's way through the file list sequentially, and so I often see the exact same small file being transferred to both H1 and H2 at the same time. Effectively sending twice as much data for no reason.

    So although I shouldn't need to force one machine to LAN sync only (to sync a few large files), do you have any idea why when I tried to force one machine to sync via LAN only it was still syncing over the Internet?

    Having to VPN into H2 to "pause" syncing for a while, then copy files into my BTSync folder on W1, then VPN back to H2 a while later to un-pause, seems to defeat the purpose of seamless sync (private dropbox style) :)

  4. I'm using the iOS app so I don't need to carry a USB stick anymore. I'd like to have a "Transfer" folder on my computer that syncs via LAN only, shared that to my iPhone, and also at home (also LAN only). I copied a 7GB file into "Transfer" at work, and I have the iOS app open. I have "automatic sync" enabled. I see the file shows up, and the progress bar appears, but nothing is being synced. Once every minute or two for a second or a fraction of a second only the little black bar showing up/down speed appears in the iOS app and a transfer appears on the OS X app, but then it disappears.

    Why isn't it syncing?

  5. I have two machines on my home LAN (H1, H2) and one machine at work (W1) that all sync the same folder. When I add files to (W1), I am seeing that BTSync is uploading to BOTH (H1) and (H2) at the same time.

    My upload speed is limited (ADSL). Is this uploading the same data twice (to H1 and H2)? Or is it uploading different data (H1) and (H2), which then sync with each other over the home LAN?

    I can see the same file being transferred to both machines, and the file is under 4MB, so I assume it is uploading the same data twice?

    I saw in the FAQ that I can limit a folder to sync only via LAN by disabling tracker, relay and DHT. So I did that on (H2), thinking that when I added files (W1) it would upload ONLY to (H1), and then (H1) would sync with (H2) over the home LAN.

    But even after restarting BTSync on (H2), I can see that (W1) is still uploading to both (H1) and (H2). How do I make (H2) sync over LAN only, while still allowing (H1) and (W1) to sync over the Internet?