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  1. Looks like I will go back to the BitTorrent roots for now and still use BT for backing up data. Do you know if BitTorrent gets tripped up by differing filenames?
  2. Hello, This is a follow on to my previous post. I have collection that I have downloaded using HTTP and want to distribute the content using BT Sync with other devices on the Internet. Problem is when I want to just "upload or share" the content BTSync still downloads every single file in that collection. This is a problem as all of my files are being redownloaded at the expense of bandwidth and lost efficiency although they are already there in the folder. How do I force BTSync to just see that the files are already there and not redownload stuff? Thanks
  3. I see that BitTorrent Sync is redownloading content I already havve from the HTTP source from other devices/peers. I will try the ignore file. Thanks
  4. Hello, I am new to BT Sync and perhaps my topic title doesn't reflect my question. Feel free to edit it as needed. I am helping distribute a archive of a long running podcast (started in 2008). To help speed up this process I downloaded using HTTP 400 of the 500 episodes. The last 100 are only available through other users like me on BT Sync due to a issue with the HTTP links. To start the distribution and acquire those missing podcasts I have pointed BT Sync to the "existing http download folder" and I want to catch up with other peers on the missing content. Is this the right way to acheive it? Will BT Sync treat these files as "just files" without caring about where they came from? Will I be able to catch up without "redownloading" the 400 "good files" from my BT Sync Peers? Do I need to use the "Ignore" file and add my 400 to this list? I am a Bit Torrent guy and understand the protocol. Thank you for taking the time.