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  1. It looks like a completely different issue than I first thought. I double checked the files that were downloaded and look like they weren´t. So what looked like a slow download was actually a total lack of progress because BTSync was downloading the same files over and over again. So I have to search for that error instead. Thanks for replying Harold, I really appreciate it!
  2. Let me first explain my scenario: I am backing up a lot of pictures so the majority of the files are 1-5mb large. I have two different collections which are now both being synced between my computer, my Raspberry Pi and from time to time to an offsite pc. My estimate is that I have an average throughput of 5-10kb. But the pattern I am seeing is that I have about 10 files in transfer stalled at 0kb/s for somewhere between 10-15seconds. After that the average transfer speed flares up to 100-150kb/s and then goes down during 10 seconds to 0 and begins all over again. Since I did not see this pattern when I only had one share to sync I believe the issue is in the number of transfers. My first test synced about 100gb in a couple of days but now it looks like I´m lucky syncing 1gb during the same time frame (now with two separate sync going on) The Raspberry Pi, with a usb-drive, is very limited in resources I believe that it is the number of concurrent file transfers that is causing the issue and therefore I am interested in if there is a possibility to limit the number of concurrent transfers. I really really like BTSync and with the Raspberry Pi always on I have a beautiful backup solution
  3. I have a RaspBerry PI set up as a btsync-station and it works great! But after setting up two different syncs for two different folders I noticed that the transfers speeds went from ok to crawling (around 5-10kb/s).. My suspicion is that the number of concurrent transfers is what is causing the slow transfer since the Raspberry Pi with an external USB-drive should be much better at handling one file at a time. And I did not see this low speed until I went from one folder syncing to two folders. So my question is if there is any way to limit the number of concurrent transfers? The number of files in transfer ranges between 4 to 10 and I would like to limit that and see if the transfer speeds goes up.