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  1. This is a really good idea for a NEXT GENERATION WEBBROWSER APPLICATION that uses DHT instead of DNS protocol. The application will have to manage the caching of pages with selective sync, and that is far from impossible. Q: What if it's a very large site. And you are not interested in watching everything on it? The same application can choose to view classic webserver pages without further ado and thus cover both types of usage, and at the same time avoid putting mental load on the user. We all know when a server is down and google chrome prompts: "Sorry the page is unavailable. Do you
  2. An interesting suggestion/comment. While it is correct that the description above is "centralized" given the presence of the NAS, I believe it is a small step to allow for multiple NAS's by extending the `/catalogue`, and possibly introducing the element of stochastic profiling to assure redundancy based on availability. I believe all that this will require, is: 1. A log of availability on each device. 2. A function to compute the local the set of files which a device may provide availability for in which time-window To create the distributed scheduling method with availability forecast
  3. Yes. I intend to put it on github for others to expand/improve.
  4. Bittorrent hack - Virtual Private Network It always annoyed me a little, that sync providers have the mindset: “Either it all goes here, or it goes there…” Fact is I want remote control over my files from any device at any time, so this is the specification of how I have created my own VPN using BitTorrent Sync running as an OS agnostic background service… A Network Attached Storage. I have a 3Tb NAS with five folders: /BTsyncApp//BTsync/catalogue/BTsync/files/BTsync/shared/BTsync/devices/BTsyncApp contains the server application. It is not synchronized using BTsync. It is just the application