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  1. Thank you for your help. I tried to change the permissions to root cause its on an External USB Drive with an NTFS format with no avail. But I think you are on to something. Perhaps could it be because the external drive is using the ntfs-3g driver to access the ntfs? /etc/fstab UUID=688F681855021DFG /mnt/usb ntfs-3g rw,user,exec,auto,permissions 0 0 User of BtSync Process root 2079 1.1 1.6 62988 7992 ? Ssl 19:53 0:05 /mnt/usb/btsync/btsync --config /mnt/usb/btsync/btsync.conf Permissions of Dir drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Oct 27 19:57 Test_1 Error while addi
  2. I cant seem to create a LINK to a Folder on Raspberry Pi with a supplied Secret from a mobile Camera Backup Testing Details BTsync Version: 1.3.109 Platform: Linux ARM Raspberry Pi Model B+ Mobile: Android HTC One M8 Storage on Mobile: Internal (NOT SD CARD) API Request:<hidden> Error Returned from btsync: "error": 100, "message": "Can`t open the destination folder" Please help.
  3. In case anyone is interested: I have created a web interface to control a Raspberry Pi running btsync. The project gathers the registered folders info, parses the data, sends to the WebUI to create QRCodes and other stuff The project sends update information to the btsync server for adding and removing registered directories. Languages used to make it work HTML, Javascript, PHP, Bash
  4. I have been running into the odd code while making API calls. Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of error codes for the following API calls? add_folder error codes found 2 There are some parameters missing from the request, for example if you forget the secret100 The local folder (dir) you specified does not exist or is not accessible200 The folder has already been added to BTSync, in this case they are reffering to the fact that the used key has already been registered as a synced folder201 The secret key you specified has an invalid length103 The specified folder is not a
  5. Does anyone know what the error code 103 means when using the get_folders API request? OS: Linux ARM BTSync Version: 1.2.73 $ curl -Ss -u login:passwd '' [ { "dir": "\/mnt\/usb\/media\/music", "error": 103, "files": 25, "indexing": 0, "secret": "MY_SECRET_HERE", "size": 147687928, "type": "read_write" } ]
  6. Can I use the same API Key for multiple groups of machines syncing? Example Group 1 Client Home PC Client Office PC Client Mobile Phone Example Group 2 Wifes Laptop Wifes Work PC Wifes Mobile Phone