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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Same problem as you had @delegatevoid... Client version was out of date with Autoupdate reporting as latest.
  2. @delegatevoid: Thanks for the tip - I'm actually running 8.1 as well - Glad someone else has actually got it to work... Where do you put your sync.conf file though? I've got it in Program Files next to the BTSync.exe but no go...
  3. Has anyone had any luck running this on Windows 8? Seems like no combination of settings is going to get this API to start. I've followed all the advice above.... Sync.conf is in C:\Users\steve_000\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync - I've tried setting storage path to that location as well as just a folder in the root directory... I'm thinking I need to run a VM locally running Win 7 or something to get this to work... I echo the previous sentiment - a little logging would take all the guess work out of this... { // path to folder where Sync will store its internal data, // folde