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  1. Thanks for the reply. I ended up doing a nuke and pave to my entire sync setup and started over. Gave me a chance to re-think specific folders and re-arrange a few others on my system(s). 2.2.5 is very slick. Kudos to the team. Just about purchase Pro. David
  2. Looking to get a bit of wisdom from others here. I've been waiting for the 2.X develop (and pricing issue) to settle, and I'm ready to take the plunge with a Pro license. I only have about 12 synced folders between a laptop and a desktop. Would it be wise to fully uninstall 1.4 and then start over or will the 2.X installed pick up my existing syncs (which I believe I've read it does) and just carry as normal? Thanks in advance, David
  3. Folks - I have three machines supposedly in sync (all Macs). A folder on A will only sync with a folder on C if it *also* is set up to sync to a folder on B. I can replicate this consistently. Can anyone shed some light on this? chattier