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  1. Yes the "Automatic Sync" preference is off for all my folders but it still downloads the files. I have attached screenshots below. If required, I can provide you with logs (Im an iOS developer). Also, I didn't upgrade from 1.1.xx to 1.2.xx. I started with 1.2.xx. I deleted the app and reinstalled and it seemed to have solved the issue It also be nice if we could have an option to clear downloaded files.
  2. Hi I love BTSync and the iOS app, but I have a question regarding the iOS app: Does the app download all the shared data from my Mac when it is open? I have turned off the automatic sync option, but I can still see that files are being downloaded. If this is the case, can you please provide an option to turn off the automatic downloads on the iOS app and only download file when I want to view it. I have a lot of data in the BTSync and it is not feasible to store all of it on my iPhone. Apart from that one issue, I love the app! Thanks Anirudh