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  1. I'm really still looking for a feature that allows you to upload to a shared folder without being part of that share. If I'm at work, I just want to upload to my common shared folder at home without having to be a part of that share, namely, I don't want local copies of those files at all nor a trace that they exist. This feature should also allow your friends to upload to a common shared folder without having to be a part of the share i.e., they just want to give you something. Instead of the "tell me when you got it, so I can remove it from the share" interaction.
  2. Hello BitTorrent Sync! First off! Thank you for pushing the norms of the WORLD! Keep it up! I would like to request a small change to the permissions for Syncing. I would like a feature resembling the old FTP incoming directory. A directory that when you dump stuff into it, it will sync to the other devices. After the Sync however, the local files can be deleted (automatically?) without affecting other sync devices. This would mean that if 3 computers have a full access secret and one has a write-only secret corresponding to the same files, the directory of write-only could be used to push files to the other 3 computers without having to occupy space itself. Hope this is clear! Thanks for listening!