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  1. Hi Everyone, A friend and I use BitTorrent Sync to share project files. We like to organize our folders with different colours. (We use a program called colorize for this purpose). Anywho, it turns out BitTorrent Sync doesn't sync folder icons which meant that the colours my friend would select for a particular folder were not shown on mine and vice versa. So, I created a little program that will run through all the folders in the directory and sync the icons. It works by looking for icon files with a particular signature. The icon used must be named using 15 or more digits. If multiple icons are found, the latest one is used and the others are deleted. The icons are also set to hidden. I couldn't find a way to attach it directly here so I put it up on filedropper. This is a compiled file that works on Windows. http://www.filedropper.com/colorizemev2 Hope it helps.