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  1. As far as I know, you'd have to write a program to constantly monitor your folder to delete files if it got over a size. I think your software could just delete the folder and stop syncing if things get out of hand. This would induce website authors to keep their sites small, otherwise they won't sync. So, if you wrote an HTTP server that managed and constantly monitored your sites/folders for you, got a system-wide list of BTSync websites, and had your HTTP Server serve up the pages for you, yes. This looks like what "SyncNet" does, so it just needs to add a max size feature if it doesn't have it already. Of course you'd have to add the search engine. The BTSync config file may have an option you can specify to limit size though.
  2. I wasn't aware of Bittorrent chat, thanks. It's more of about the message protocol than the transport. Seems like chat would be easy though: everyone has a BTSync "transmitter" folder their friends subscribe to and a chat client just watches for their encrypted messages. Anonymous massage, thats a good idea.
  3. It's a bit of a problem to use BTSync to host a website unless people trust you not to fill up their hard drives with information. So even if a search engine is created, people are not necessarily going to want to view an unstrusted website.
  4. A project called MessageNet is being developed that will rely in part on BTsync for decentralized P2P communications. It is part of a larger project to develop a new system for cryptocurrency described at: The project website is hosted on BTSync. A brief description from the "website:" To follow the project, subscribe to the read-only key: BYI644AFJRRBB22BRI3XQSKXX6FTDXOCF The directory will be kept small, with only small and simple HTML files hosted. Once subscribed, click on MessageNet.html in the synced directory on your computer for more information and other details.