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  1. Hi cpbotha, hope you're fine Thanks for your feedback! What you said is indeed true. It would be nice to have a little demonstration application. We thought about implementing a password synchronization manager. But we did not achieve that by now as we are highly engaged with the library itself. But still, it is on our TODO list and maybe someone else has another interesting idea. Furthermore, in the open issues on GitHub we enlisted some ideas for applications and also further features. :-) Best regards!
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to point out at the Hive2Hive library project over at GitHub. It is an open-source solution for distributed, P2P-based file synchronization and sharing, written in Java. In addition, it focuses on maximum security and privacy of both users and data. It supports the whole feature set known from similar centralized approaches, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, all packed in a clean, extendable API. I guess it is worth checking out... Website: GitHub: Cheers!