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  1. Hi, I tried an alternative approach by syncing with the OSX app from my iPhone and the latest version of the software, but the problem still exists. So it looks like the bug is still in BitTorrent Sync v1.3.40 on iOS 7.1.1 - tbh, I'm surprised not more people are reporting this, it makes the iPhone Camera Roll backup feature useless, as it stalls during the sync and only backs up a certain number of photos.
  2. Update: Tested BitTorrent Sync v1.3.35 on iOS 7.1.1 and the issue still exists.
  3. Already reported to the support team and confirmed. This is from ticket #9437. I'm posting it here in case anyone else encounters this issue using the iOS BitTorrent Sync App Version 1.3.25 There is definitely a bug in the iOS app. The Camera Roll backup feature attempts to sync photos which have been deleted, causing the sync process to hang before it's completed. I've checked the sync.log file on my NAS, and then searched the iPhone for the photo files the app is attempting to sync, and they don't exist. I think what's happening is that the app is reading from the sqllite db on the phone, and assuming the file exists. Then it gets stuck as there is '0' bytes to send.