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  1. So i recently bought Sync Pro to use the selective sync function. I was under the impression that if you choose to sync a folder it will always keep the contents of said folder synced, even if something is added to this folder. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case, unless i'm missing something..? i currently feel like i bought pro for nothing
  2. Seeing as syncing with permissions is only possible across multiple identities and not while using just one identity, will i need 2 licences for both or more identities if i want to set up permissions ? regards.
  3. i would like to see this too, here is my topic: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30105-how-to-stop-btsync-from-deleting/#entry84752
  4. Okay, that is understandable, shame its not possible though, perhaps some kind of retention setting is possible in the future?
  5. For some reason i cant edit my post but i figured i'd elaborate the situation: Media Server running linux - this is where i generated the read only secret on. HTPC running Windows - receives new data but will not upload anything else from the media library to the server (which is intended) i just want the received data to sit there while the Server can be emptied to receive more files and fill the library. i hope it all makes sense.
  6. Hello, thanks for reading! I use BTsync to sync files between my media server and a HTPC, the media server doesnt have a lot of storage capacity so i clear it frequently. Now the downside to this is that btsync also deletes the files from my HTPC even though i may have not gotten to watch them yet.. this is kind of annoying and i want to stop btsync from deleting files from my HTPC, how do i do this ? Its set up as read only from the server so the HTPC wont write to the server when something changes which is what i want. thanks!