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  1. This would be a great idea. it should be fairly straight forward to port an app straight form Windows Phone to 8.1. It is definitely possible, so why not do it?. same for Bit torrent remote.
  2. Sorry about the kind of old thread. But just wanted to clear something up. Windows RT is no more limited than iPads.... a lot less limited I would say... you can install "non Microsoft apps" they just have to exist to start with. Bit torrent just hasn't published an app for this Operating system. there are thousands of "non Microsoft apps" on the windows store.. just no Bittorrent sync ones....
  3. Yeah this would be really good. There's already an app for Windows Phone 8... It shouldn't be too difficult to build one for Windows 8RT/8.1RT. Bittorrent Sync is great on my Windows desktop, I use it to share large files with family and my other devices all the time. Being able to sync to my RT would be the best.