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  1. Again and again: even the newst version 2.0.85-1 on Readynas is loosing the settings. On top the mentioned config file now doesn't contain a section with a listing port? Is this a permanent bittorent sync problem or a Readnynas one? Cheer Ulli
  2. Hi Richard, i just installed version 1.4.77 after it has been finally published by Netgear. I faced the same effect!
  3. Hi Richard, thank you for the information as well for your effort! This is a perfect service! Cheers Ulli
  4. Hi there, has got anybody an idea where to post it so that a developer might answere? cheers
  5. Hi adhemar, that's correct. look within the linux file structure for the folder "data", click on it and voilĂ : your shares should be visible. cheers
  6. Hi there, i'm running BitTorrent Version 1.3.105 on a Readynas 104 and so far it seems to work fine. The only thing which bothers me is that set settings aren't kept after a reboot both device name and port. Especially it seems that the listening port is CHANGED (not even ony kept) or varies after every boot. I've changed the values over the GUI, but after every reboot the device name is reset as well as the port has got a random number. Since i can't imagine that this works as designed what can i do? Is there a way to edit files via ssh? Cheers Ulli