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  1. If it's not any worse than that, I bet it will be ok. The kind of issue you're mentioning seems to have become uncommon with the 1.4. Thanks
  2. Sorry, I guess I was not very clear. Profiles data, ie, configuration and db files would be stored separately, one for linux and one for windows, but there would be only one instance of the shared folder accessed by both btsync instances (though never at the same time) depending on whether i'd be running linux or windows. I imagine that btsync would discover on startup the changes that happened while other OS was running and catch up with the other running repositories, but it could also consider theses changes conflicts? Thanks, Marc
  3. Hi everyone, I'm using one of my computer in dual boot linux / windows. The files I want to sync are accessible from both linux and windows on a NTFS partition. May I install btsync both in linux and windows for the same data? Thanks Marc